Card ordering process

1. Browse the catalogs and choose a card design. Please make note of the number of photos you will need for you chosen option.

2. Jot down the design name listed at the bottom of the page as well as the style (5x7 flat card, 5x5 trifold, etc.)

3. Cards are sold in increments of 25.  We usually suggest ordering a few more than you might need ( if you are like us, we usually forget a few people we need to put on our list)

4. Access your photo gallery from your photo session.

5. To order cards, click on the "CARDS AND ANNOUNCEMENTS" image at the end of your gallery display

6. Once you've clicked on that, click "buy" and choose the type of card style you will be purchasing (5x7 flat, 5x5 trifold, etc.)

7. When you have selected the type of card, enter in the quantity. In the notes section - add in the design name you chose from the catalog and the image numbers from your gallery that you want us to use in the card. If you have a preference of which image goes on the front, the one on the back, etc -- please spell that out so we know, otherwise we will use our best judgement.  Also include the names and text you would like included.

8. Add the order to your shopping cart and check out as usual.

9. Turnaround is typically about one week, but often less.